Buying Guide

The initial steps to obtaining your dream property are listed below.

  1. Find your dream property.
  2. Belize Caye Properties will send you an offer form to sign and fax back to us.
  3. Once the offer has been accepted, a deposit of 10% of the agreed upon sales price will be due. The deposit will be held in an escrow account.
  4. At this point a title search may be performed at a cost of $250.
  5. We will now introduce you to our lawyer who will carry out the closing for you at a cost of 2-3%.
  6. The attorney will instruct you when they need the full balance (per the purchase agreement) and the 5% Stamp Duty (Transfer Tax).
  7. The attorney will disburse your funds upon closing date to the seller. At this time the title will be in your name. We will then Overnight (FedEx/UPS) your title documents.
  8. You now own a piece of your own personal paradise.

The Process

Buying or Selling a Property in Belize does not require you to be in the country. Our Agents will provide you with digital photos and videos upon request. However, we always recommend to our clients to take a trip to Belize at least for the initial property viewing. Please note that we are cannot submit an offer for any property without a deposit (down payment). Most transactions take place in Belize in USD American dollars. Belize Caye Properties will be beside you at all times throughout all of the buying and selling process - From start to finish. WE WORK FOR YOU.

First Step Details - Submitting the Offer

Once the offer has been completed (signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace) and the buyer's deposit has been put into an escrow account, the offer and acceptance of sale becomes a binding and legally enforceable contract. All of our contracts contain a time period within which all transactions should be completed. There is always a proper due diligence period on the form for the buyer.

Once we have acquired a completed Offer of Acceptance from the seller we are in business. At this point we proceed to carry out a title search which is a legal requirement for properties in Belize (these provide a search as far back as 25 years with the history of the property) so as to ensure there are no liens or taxes in arrears on the property.

Next, we will prepare a contract, the Agreement for Sale, and present it to the sellers. The sellers will sign the contract in front of a Justice of the Peace in Belize. At the same time, we will be preparing the original title transfer document for the property so that they may be signed at the same time.

After preparing the above mentioned documents, you will receive a phone call and an email from our company requesting the balance of the monies to be paid for the down payment. The full purchase price will be requested for deposit to the escrow account based on the time specified on the Purchase Offer or Agreement for Sale.

Then, we execute the transfer documents and we provide you with a copy and receipt of the documentation at the land registry.
Should you request that we utilize an attorney, we can arrange for a local attorney to over look the contracts. In that case, we await word from the attorneys informing us that the documents are in order.

Note: The full deposit to the escrow account will not be given to the Seller until the transfers have been completed. All monies in the Escrow Account are protected and deposited for a single purpose and will not be released until that purpose has been fulfilled.

The executed documents will subsequently be processed at the Lands Registry. We then wait for the Lands Registry to prepare the new title for us in your name.

Once the documents are received, we will Fedex a package to you for you to fill out and complete in front of a notary public. Facsimiles are accepted in Belize.

Closing cost

In Belize, everyone must pay a stamp duty tax on the property they are purchasing. The rates are as follows:
  • 0% for properties purchased for $10,000 USD or less.
  • 5% for properties purchased for more than $10,000 USD.
Note that on purchases over $10,000 USD, the initial $10,000 USD will not be taken into consideration when calculating the tax to be paid. The initial $10,000 USD will remains tax free.

Additional fees are listed below. It is customary that the purchaser pays for all closing costs under Belize transactions.

  • Legal fees for title research - $250 USD
  • Title Transfer - $500 USD
  • Escrow Charges - $250 USD
  • Legal Fees for drafting Contracts (Agreement for Sale) - $250 USD
  • Stamp Duty - 5% Belizean , 5% Foreigner ( government tax ) (Recently Reduced)
  • Bank Approval - $50 USD (government tax)
  • Registration fee - $15USD (government tax)
  • New Title Fee - $15 USD (government tax)
  • Inspection of the Record - $100 USD
  • Courier Fee - $50 USD per trip
  • Bank Charges for Wiring - $20 USD
  • Sales Tax on Legal Fees - 9% (government tax).
*Prices above may vary.

We protect our clients at all stages of the transaction. We are guardians of the escrow at all times. If the seller default or for any reason the property cannot be transferred we will return the escrow deposit in full to our clients.